Ocean Echoes by Sheila Hurst

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I rarely win things, but when I do, they’re worth mentioning! Last November, I won a signed copy of Ocean Echoes by Sheila Hurst, author and fellow blogger. This is her debut novel and her book was a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Way to go, Sheila!

ocean echoes

As she watched and filmed, she felt the amazement grow within her, that amazement that came through whenever she observed life in all its forms and sizes and colors. Here is an animal hidden within the sea, pulsing with life and light. It is its own entity, yet it is part of the ocean, while all other species living within the ocean are also part of it. The ocean hummed with life. So many forms of life, so much variety, there was so much life everywhere creeping and crawling, swimming and flying. Ellen could only watch and wonder.


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    • Yes, the ocean and marine life are facing so many problems now that it can be overwhelming, but there’s still hope as long as we listen and try to make a difference. Thank you Gallivanta!

  1. I really liked this review because it brought back the experience that I had while reading Ocean Echoes. It definitely made me want to read it again and spread the word to others. I love the way you introduced us all to our liquid world and rekindled (no pun intended) our wonder.

    • Thank you! I’m glad the review brought some of those ocean memories back and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the book!

    • Thanks Susan! If it makes you want to visit Woods Hole, let me know and we can go to lunch. There are lots of photo opportunities around there!

    • Thanks Ste J! Just hearing that anyone enjoyed it makes all the torture worthwhile. 🙂 I hope you’re having fun hiking in your new country!

      • My hiking is a different kind of torture from yours but nonetheless fun when it goes right. This weekend I am putting my feet up after the last two weekends were hike-tastic. It i good to relax.

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