Hidden Colors

frozen ocean

After months of snow and ice, we feel like we’re living in a black and white movie. We become color deprived. The ocean is frozen and icicles are everywhere.

sand icicles

But somewhere underneath it all, the colors are waiting. Maybe if the sun doesn’t melt the snow, the colors will.

marsh flowers





Whether you’re enjoying the beginnings of spring or fall or an everlasting summer, I hope your colors are shining through.


Looking forward

Spring is out there somewhere and I’m looking forward to…

Running through the Cape Cod jungle

Cape Cod jungle path

dog running through woods


dog swimming

Looking at the world from the ocean’s point of view

ocean viewpoint

Colors and flowers

spring flowers

spring flowers

rhododendrons, spring flowers

And finally…porch sitting whenever possible

spring porch sitting

Happy Spring!

What are you looking forward to?