Book Review: The Night Circus

The Night Circus is a beautifully written book. From the very beginning, the author invites you into the circus and it feels as if you’re there, breathing in the cotton-candy atmosphere, amazed by all the magic.

Descriptions of wonders like the Cloud Maze, Ice Garden or Wishing Tree will make you want to construct your own creations out in the backyard somehow.

I love how this book shows that creativity can be a collaboration and that people can build off of each other to make each other better. The main characters, Celia and Marco, enter into a vague competition as children. At the heart of this competition is a unique love story. The story illustrates the effects of this love, not only on the characters involved but on everyone they come in contact with and the circus itself, rejuvenating all with the magic love creates.

Yes, this book is heavy on description (something writers are told not to do), but the writing is so lyrical that I ended up enjoying those descriptions possibly more than the actual story. Reading The Night Circus is like indulging in rich chocolate and licking it off your fingers while it oozes uncontrollably everywhere. And that kind of thing is fine with me. In fact, it should happen more often.

There are too few books like this these days, books that pay attention to the sound of the words and sentences. Many don’t bother in favor of the plot. The Night Circus gives us both an exciting story and a beautifully written one while showing that such things, and many others, are still possible.

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