An Earth Day Celebration (or a View from the Kitchen Sink)

A sunburst of forsythia billows in the breeze. A rabbit hops along and stops to twitch her nose before darting into the yellow ruffled cave. A cardinal, so red that he glows, perches on top of the cave, adding heat to the flowered flame. He looks at you, then looks away, then looks at you again before leaping into the air with outstretched wings. Your heart leaps along with him. He adds color wherever he goes.

For Earth Day, remember to breathe everything in and listen. The Earth is quieter now. It’s easier to listen. We all share this home. We includes all the lives that make this planet everything it is. All the lives that keep us alive. All the lives that contribute their songs.

While celebrating, consider giving to an environmental organization that’s working to make this planet a better, healthier place to be. Here are a few top-rated favorites:

Audubon Society


Ocean Conservancy

Environmental Defense Fund

Happy Earth Day to all!

Sheila Hurst is the author of Ocean Echoes, an award-winning novel about a marine biologist who gives up on love to study jellyfish. A percentage from the sale of this book will go toward nonprofit organizations working to protect the world’s oceans for future generations.

21 thoughts on “An Earth Day Celebration (or a View from the Kitchen Sink)

  1. I’ve been sat in the back garden recently, something always a challenge in England, and its great to hear the birds and appreciate the silence. Also it does wonders for the reading and encourages a vague tan.

    • Hahah that’s great – you do look a bit tan! I love listening to the birds while reading, then looking up every once in a while to see what the birds, squirrels, and turkeys are up to. It’ll be nice when it gets a little warmer for more outdoor reading. I’ve missed everyone during my super long hiatus – it’s nice to see you again!

    • Thanks so much Mary Jo – that’s really nice of you to say. I’ve mostly been busy with work and other disasters, but it’s true that things are quieter now so hopefully there will be more time for writing and reading and all the best things in life. Your poetry is amazing – I’m looking forward to reading more!

    • That sounds like a perfect Earth Day celebration! I love hearing the birds again after the winter silence. Turkeys wander through the yard around here too and it’s fun to hear their gobbling!

    • Thank you Andrea! It’s good to see you too. I hope everything has been going well with you and that you’ve been able to get out often for some springtime strolls!

  2. Love this post, Sheila! If you’re unaware, I’m a Climate Reality Leader, personally trained by former Vice President Al Gore to spread awareness of and inspire action on the climate crisis. The Climate Reality Project is a great organization, too, working in conjunction with a number of green groups, including some of those you cite above. If any good has come out of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that we can now see/feel/smell/taste what a less-polluted world is like; it’s no longer an abstraction. Hopefully that inspires renewed ecological appreciation and environmental activism in the months and years ahead…

    • That’s great! Thank you for sending that info – I just joined the Climate Reality mailing list. It makes sense to join groups like that so that our individual voices will come together and be heard. I’ve wished many times that Gore would run for President again, but if he’s out there training others then maybe a trainee will run for President. I’ll vote for you if you decide to run!

      • So glad you’re on the mailing list, Sheila! Yes, 2019 seemed to be the year that many disparate environmental groups — Climate Reality,, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Sunrise Movement, etc. — realized they had overwhelming numbers when they joined forces in support of their common cause. And Mr. Gore has certainly been an inspiring leader in that cause — someone who rose above colossal setback to find his true voice and purpose.

        Most of my (voluntary) work for the Climate Reality Project consists of getting counties across America to join the County Climate Coalition (CCC), a nationwide alliance of jurisdictions committed to upholding the standards of the Paris Accord regardless of what the president tweets. You should find out if your county is a member!

      • I don’t think my county has joined it, but there is a coalition that’s trying to get each regional town to join. The coalition is made up of so many organizations and groups that it does make sense to bring them all together. I’ll have to look into it some more – thank you!

  3. Happy Belated Earth Day, Sheila! You’re right, it’s quieter out there and, in my opinion, this spring has been more beautiful than ever!

    • The quiet has been beautiful and it’s been nice to find a little extra time to bask in that beauty. I hope you’ve found lots of great books to enjoy too. Happy Spring!

  4. I’m so happy to read your beautiful prose and thoughtful observations again. I’ve missed you.

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