Kindle Book Awards

Thank you to The Kindle Book Review for selecting Ocean Echoes as a semi-finalist in the Literary Fiction category.

Ocean Echoes is also up for the 2018 Reader’s Choice Award for Literary Fiction. There are more than 50 books in this category and the title with the most votes wins.

To vote, please click on the button below, scroll to the bottom of page, and enter Ocean Echoes by Sheila Hurst in the comments field (with both the title and author’s name in there for each vote). I’ll be forever grateful.

Votes are accepted until October 15, 2018 and the Reader’s Choice Award winner will be announced on November 1. After voting, make sure to enter the raffle to win a $120 gift basket that includes an 8-inch Kindle Fire, a $25 Amazon gift card, and a bookworm coffee mug.

Thank you to Christy Birmingham and Berthold Gambrel for the latest reviews of Ocean Echoes. I really appreciate it whenever anyone takes the time to add a review. Christy writes beautiful poetry – please check out her books and visit her at When Women Inspire if you’re not familiar with her already. Berthold’s science fiction novel, The Directorate, takes place in the Year 2223 when a conspiracy threatens to disrupt peace between Earth, Luna, and Mars. Please visit Berthold at A Ruined Chapel by Moonlight.

Thank you to everyone for voting and for your support through the years!

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    • Thanks so much Kate! Let me know whenever you’re down here again and I’ll take you to The Pirate to thank you. I hope you had a fun summer!

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