Hidden Colors

frozen ocean

After months of snow and ice, we feel like we’re living in a black and white movie. We become color deprived. The ocean is frozen and icicles are everywhere.

sand icicles

But somewhere underneath it all, the colors are waiting. Maybe if the sun doesn’t melt the snow, the colors will.

marsh flowers





Whether you’re enjoying the beginnings of spring or fall or an everlasting summer, I hope your colors are shining through.

42 thoughts on “Hidden Colors

    • Thanks Jill! It’s kind of a shock to see so much color after all the snow. Hopefully spring and the colors will be here soon again (as the snow continues to fall).

  1. Color deprived – well put! It feels so good to see those pictures of warmer days. But the photos of the near frozen ocean are fascinating. Hang in there, Sheila; only a few more weeks to go and it will all melt (I hope).

    • I’m guessing everyone in New England has been feeling color deprived lately. But there’s always the hope of those brighter days – they’re around here somewhere. Thanks Letizia – I hope you’re finding some colorful fun too!

  2. There is something so magical to snow on the beach, where we live it is never seen. But I have been to New Zealand and I was blown away by its beauty. It does look harsh Sheila but I am sure it makes you appreciate spring all the more. Not long now and you will be coming outside to play and I will be sitting by my fire once more.

    • Fall is still my favorite season so I’ll be thinking of you this spring while you’re cozy by the fire. I do love the snow-sand art. It’s hard to believe people will be all over that beach in a few more months. Enjoy those fall colors!

  3. Those colors look like they could melt even your dreary gloom there in the east. Hope they will soon. It is March…so spring is close! So exciting!

  4. Beautiful photos but much too cold for me. We had a dusting of snow back in early January. It lasted about ten minutes before it began raining. The many almond trees are snowy with blossoms and many bulb flowers are making an appearance!
    The photos of the frozen sea reminded me of a film called The Winter Guest. It is Scotland and the sea is frozen as far out as one can see. It stars Emma Thompson and is worth a view if you can track it down. I believe it was made in the early 90’s.

    • Thanks for the movie recommendation! I haven’t seen that one but was just telling someone about another one of her movies – The Love Punch – that’s a great one if you haven’t seen it and some of it takes place in France. The frozen ocean is a little too cold for me too. I’m looking forward to building those sand castles once the sand thaws out.

      • Emma’s mother, Phydilla Law, plays her mother in this unusual story and well worth a view. Another film that she did that blew me away was simply titled – Wit. It is dark and almost a complete monologue but brilliant and something too few of us think about.

    • Thanks Francina! There’s always the promise of spring. I hope you’re already enjoying it out there across the frozen ocean.

  5. Gorgeous photos, honey! I had never seen snow and ice on sandy beaches until living on Lake Michigan. It was very confusing for this California gal. Like, how is this possible?!

    Looks like spring is breaking through for you. Yay!!!

    • I remember seeing a frozen Lake Michigan too – that can really look like the Arctic! It doesn’t usually happen to the ocean around here either so it does give you a weird, confused feeling (or maybe I’m just always that way). Happy Spring!

    • Yes – spring is there under the snow somewhere! The snow is melting now and I can see a few colors struggling to shine through. 🙂

  6. Those vibrant colors are SO inspiring! Can’t wait to see greens, pinks, purples, yellows 🙂 Thanks for reminding me!

    • Hahah – I know what you mean! When I watch a movie with green leaves in the background, it’s hard to believe colors like that even exist. I’m guessing we’ll appreciate them more than usual this year. I hope your colors are peeking through too.

  7. I love the photos, it’s like all that beauty is hidden under the snow and now its revealing itself it will look even more beautiful since the snow has taken its toll more than usual this year.

    • Yes! I still love the snow, but I’m looking forward to seeing those colors. I hope they’re out across the ocean by now too. Happy Spring!

    • Thanks Coleen! We’ve still got a couple feet of snow I’m trying to figure out how to do a backyard luge like yours before it all melts.

  8. I recently saw some amazing images on the news of huge chunks of ice washing up on the Cape shores…I think it was in Wellfleet. I love the contrast in your series of photos, definitely partial to the summer ones! Right now the only color I’m seeing is from a grocery store bouquet. Seems I have to buy my color lately. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Susan! I loved the splashes of colors in your photos. As long as those birds are out and singing, spring can’t be too far away. I’ve only made it to the beach a few times this winter and each time it looked completely different – either frozen over or with those chunks of ice washing up like glaciers. It’s usually never frozen at all so it’s pretty eerie. It’s hard to believe that in a few months the beach will be packed with people!

    • Thanks Meg! We still have lumps of snow around but the colors are coming through a little more now. Soon everything will be blooming like your flower photo. Happy adventuring!

  9. Great pictures, Sheila I love the way you see beauty in everything, even this blasted winter !

    • I think you’re the one who taught me that trick. It’s just more fun that way. 🙂 I guess the colors are mostly muddy brown for now but they should be blooming soon!

  10. Beautiful photos Sheila! Thanks for helping summon the spring with all that color! 🙂

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