Pumpkin Potential

My Wednesday posting day just happened to fall on the day before Halloween. So to continue with this theme and in case you missed it the first time around, here’s a Halloween poem. Yes, I’m obsessed and I really don’t want to have to change out of this witch costume. Happy Halloween!

Halloween pumpkins

pumpkins glow as sundrops
pumpkinswaiting for a face
to be placed
forever upon their skin
will it be a crooked grin
or howling mouth
with eyes wide open
to look at the world
with pointed teeth bared
or a permanent smile
which will glow more
which will show more
of the candle within

Halloween pumpkins



47 thoughts on “Pumpkin Potential

      • It looks like I’ll have enough left over chocolate to send! So far there have only been about three trick-or-treaters. I haven’t heard of chocolate coated pumpkins but wouldn’t be too surprised if someone tried something crazy like that. 🙂

    • I’ve seen some pretty crazy faces on pumpkins lately but I like the smiles or crooked grins best. Hope everything’s going ok and that you’re ready for those trick-or-treaters. Happy Halloween!

    • Hahah – no they’re other people’s pumpkins. It’s a good thing for the zoom lens on the camera or else I might have been arrested for stalking the pumpkins. We didn’t get any this year either but I’m still ready for Halloween. All you really need is a chocolate stash! 🙂

      • Sad thing is, I don’t even have a chocolate stash because we live on a busy road with no sidewalks and never get any trick-or-treaters. In the 12 years we’ve lived here, not one. I usually buy a bag of candy “just in case” but I didn’t this year. Now watch, this will be the year I get one…

      • That’s funny – we don’t get many trick-or-treaters either but I still have to get the chocolate and then that means I just might have to eat some of the left over chocolate!

  1. Awesome poem. I love the thought of pumpkins wondering what kind of face they will get that year. That reminds me, we didn’t carve our pumpkins tonight! I guess that means we have to do the mad rush of carved faces tomorrow. Yikes!

    • Thanks Char! It is fun thinking up those faces. I guess I’ll have to admit I didn’t get around to carving one this year either. Good luck with yours and get ready for some chocolate!

    • Thanks Letizia! That one was taken from outside of a garden store on Martha’s Vineyard. I was biking by and had to stop because of the way those pumpkins were glowing. Hope you have a fun Halloween!

    • I can’t believe the year is almost over. I hope you had fun with your Halloween party. I’ll probably stay in the Halloween spirit for as long as there’s chocolate around! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you because you’re a true poet. I’m just playing with words. I hope they all ended up with great faces. 🙂

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