Pumpkin People Are Strange

pumpkin witchThe pumpkin people can be found downtown. They hang out by lamp posts and lounge in rocking chairs. Some resemble politicians or witches or cartoon characters. Even though a few haven’t grown mouths yet, they generate smiles or laughter.

While out strolling among the pumpkin people, it’s best to be prepared for anything. They might even come to life when the autumn moon is full. Yes, people are strange. Pumpkin people are even stranger.

Irish pumpkin

Mexican pumpkin

Salon pumpkin

Pumpkin person

Pumpkin people

Grinch pumpkins

Have you encountered pumpkin people like these? Have you ever tried to create a pumpkin person?

51 thoughts on “Pumpkin People Are Strange

    • It was a lot of fun wandering around while looking at all the strange people, especially because we weren’t sure what we’d encounter next. Hope you’re having a fun food and wine harvesting season out there!

      • No doubt! I remember visiting family in Seattle and seeing the cows all about the town decorated by numerous artists. I still have photos of a few of them.
        The harvest is complete in most areas and the festivals are just beginning. I visited one of them in Carcassonne last week. They are always great fun.

  1. Ah, the Pumpkin People! What lookers. I especially like the bottom shot of the Grinch and the peeps of Whoville. How the Grinch stole Halloween! Fun post~T.

    • They did kind of invade the town a bit. 🙂 I think Cindy Lou Who is in there somewhere. It’s hard to believe anyone had the time to go to all that trouble but I guess there isn’t much else to do with those tiny pumpkins!

  2. As a little girl I dreamed of making faces with pumpkins, due to the ones I saw on American TV shows. I wished we had the Halloween day too. NOW I walk through the supermarket and it is everywhere, yet the Aussies don’t really get into it and if someone knocks on your door in search of treats it is rare in the country when you have no neighbors. I love the pumpkin people and the beautiful pics of the town Sheila.

    • That’s funny – I didn’t realize Australia didn’t celebrate it! Halloween does go really well with the fall colors and the cooler weather so maybe that’s why it’s hard to get into there. I couldn’t picture trying to celebrate it in the spring. But once the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to fall, it’s the perfect time for the costumes and the candy and the chance to meet pumpkin people like these. 🙂

  3. New England towns seem to excel at this kind of thing. Those pumpkin people are wonderful! I especially love the couple enjoying a drink and soaking up the sun. 🙂

    • You don’t see too many green ones, so that made that pumpkin person even stranger. 🙂 That Whoville one was pretty detailed – especially since they made little clothes for them and everything – it made me wonder how anyone finds the time for these things.

      • No kidding. I want some of their time! Thanks for sharing those fun photos. I haven’t seen anything quite that cool around here.

  4. The town that neighbors the one where I grew up holds a huge pumpkin festival and parade every October. These would fit right in! The one that really caught my attention was the vignette of the Grinch and Whoville, but maybe for the wrong reason. With Christmas and Halloween sharing shelving space at the stores, maybe it’s only a matter of time until they’re rolled into one holiday!

    • I know – I never thought I’d see Grinch pumpkin heads but I guess there isn’t much else to do with those tiny ones! I hope they don’t get rolled into one holiday. Halloween has always been my favorite and Christmas always comes too soon as it is!

  5. How Fun – just seen a bunch of scarecrows a group of school children put together and it was cute – so are pumpkin people in their own strange way – ha! Happy Hump Day!

    • That’s great that you got to see that. These weirdoes are lots of fun to come across while walking down the street. Happy hump day and happy fall! 🙂

    • I didn’t see wires at the time but now that you mention it, there might be a circle of string or something holding them all together because otherwise they don’t have arms. 🙂 Happy fall!

    • Hahah! Hopefully you won’t see them in your nightmares. I was glad that most of the pumpkin people seemed pretty harmless, though that witch is a little on the scary side.

    • That would be great! They are a lot of fun to meet on the street and it’s a chance to make some crazy faces. I can picture a few drinking some Guinness too.

  6. I love stuff like this. I love the photos. We don’t have pumpkin people, but we do light a bunch of pumpkins all at once in our town. There’s hundreds of jack-o-lanterns that line the street. I’m looking forward to it!

    • That sounds really cool and spooky. I’ve never made a pumpkin person, but I’ve carved lots of jack-o-lanterns. It’s always fun to come up with some new faces!

  7. The pumpkin people in those pics look neat!

    In Portsmouth, they put up spooky pumpkin people on the lampposts. Pumpkin heads with black cloaks and long, wiry arms and hands stretching outward. I love it when communities get into the spirit of any season/holiday.

    • Thanks Kate! I might have to go to Portsmouth one of these years to meet those pumpkin people. I thought of you and your Halloween preparations while taking these photos. I hope you’re not going too crazy with all of it!

  8. You are so right about this! I have been noticing more and more of these pumpkin people in my city (ottawa, canada), and some of them are downright strange!

    • Hahah – it sounds like they’re invading lots of places! Good luck with them – hopefully they won’t get too crazy when that full moon comes around.

  9. I see a theme here.

    Happy Halloween. I’m not big on this particular holiday, but for some reason think that it must feel different in the Northeast.

    • It does seem to go perfectly with the fall colors and the colder, gloomier weather. I can’t imagine celebrating it in warmer weather, but even then at least there’s always (hopefully) left over chocolate. Happy Halloween!

    • Thank you! I haven’t been doing awards lately, but might have to take a stab at this one if I can find some good photos. Your photos made me want to travel everywhere! I’m glad the pumpkin people entertained.

  10. These are amazing, Sheila, and I’ve never seen anything like it around here! Nor have I tried to create a pumpkin person! 🙂 But, it looks like lots of fun! xx

    • Thanks Lauren! They just invaded the town for the first time this year. Maybe yours will be invaded next time around. 🙂 I haven’t gotten around to trying to create one either. They are fun though!

  11. Love the grinch display! we once built a Pumkin Man and placed him in our front yard with a Happy Halloween sign. One sunday we woke up and B, who was 4 or 5 at the time, noticed that Pumpking Man was missing! The sign was still there. It was his first brush with crime and I’m not sure he ever got over it. Great post, LMA

    • Oh no! You must have made your pumpkin person too irresistible! Or maybe the pumpkin man came to life and decided to go for a little walk around town. 🙂

  12. These pumpkin people are eerie awesome. I’ve never encountered so many in one place before.

  13. this is a beautiful way to celebrate the many blessings that come out during the autumn season. very creative how these pumpkin people are put together – talented artists. thanks for sharing. enjoyable – made me smile. 🙂

  14. I love when they give them boobs. ha! And what’s with the circle of them…in a kind of creepy, cult-y way? Like right outta Blair Witch Trials or something. Other than that….adorable and very festive. 🙂 Pokin’ around your blog. Like what I see…..

    • Hahah! Yes the one with the boobs did get an extreme makeover! The pumpkin circle is pretty scary, especially when they all come to life at night. 🙂 Thank you – yours looks like a lot of fun too!

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