The Great Escape

For Friday Fictioneers, everyone over at the Madison Woods site writes a 100-word story or poem inspired by a photograph. It sounds like fun and should be interesting to see how similar the stories or poems are once they’re posted each Friday. This week’s photo was taken by Jan Morrill. Even though it’s not Friday yet, it’s about time to start celebrating so here’s my first attempt.

He sprinted down the white-walled alley. A chill from the shadowed sand ran up his legs and settled in his gut. Each turn only led to more walls and more alleyways. The sky taunted him with openness.

If only he could fly like the birds he so loved to watch. He tried jumping but the walls proved too high. He scratched and scrambled and fell back down to the sand.

A sweet smell drifted from the door. Just as he took a step toward it, a hand gripped the back of his neck. Soon the dreaded leash was once again upon him.

46 thoughts on “The Great Escape

    • Thanks! He wasn’t going to be a dog but then I started thinking about Benji for some reason. I was going to add that name in there but thought that would give too much away. Jump in any time (but I know Meghan and the excavation must be keeping you pretty busy)!

    • I’m sure he’d appreciate it. He probably needs a few pets right about now. I really enjoyed your story – it’s fun seeing how different these can be.

    • That’s funny because I was going to add a sentence in about panting but thought that would give too much away (though the birds and the scratching scrambling might have anyway). I loved your story.

    • hahah – he’s probably already planning another escape! I thought this could be fun to quickly come up with something from a random picture and then see what others wrote. Feel free to join in any time!

    • Thank you – feel free to jump in any time! It’s pretty interesting to see all the different things that people come up with.

    • That’s funny – It does look like it could be from something like that. I didn’t even think of Aladin after looking at the photo but maybe it subconsciously crept in.

    • It’s fun to do! The pictures go up on the Madison Woods site most Wednesday nights. When I first saw this one, I wasn’t sure I’d do it because nothing jumped to mind. Then I ended up scribbling it down later on when I should have been sleeping.

    • Thank you – that’s good to know when it was suspected. I didn’t figure the dog part out until the end of the writing, but then went back and sprinkled a few clues in there for fun.

    • I’m glad you got the hint. Dogs do tend to attempt the impossible – probably one of the things that make them so loveable. 🙂

    • Yes – the walls seem to be closing in a bit too much but they also hint at a larger, crazier maze that might be tough to escape.

    • Thanks! Crazy dogs are a lot of fun. I love to watch them jump and fly through the air so it is too bad when that leash has to make an appearance. 🙂

  1. First, this was adorable! I loved the canine perspective. Second, thanks for commenting on my blog. Third, thank you for inadvertently introducing me to Friday Fictioneers! I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with it! See you around!

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