Book Review: The Artemis Effect

I knew right away this would be a novel I’d enjoy. It starts out generally talking about Earth and all the creatures that inhabit it. Then it zooms in on three groups of people from Australia, Britain, and America. We get a brief look into their lives before the introduction states they have no idea that something is about to happen.

The characters from Australia are members of a group called the Society for the Watching for Alien Presences (SWAP). The dialogue is realistic, to the point where their discussions reminded me of conversations I’ve had with my friends. They enjoy each other’s company and joke around a lot, which makes it fun to read.

One of the things I loved about this book is that author Kasia James shows tenuous connections between the characters living on different continents. The characters don’t always recognize these connections, but they are there.

As we get involved in the lives of the characters, the moon begins to change. This has global effects that aren’t noticed at first as people go on with their lives. When communication systems break down, transportation stops, and food isn’t readily available, everyone is forced into making changes in order to survive.

At times The Artemis Effect reminded me of The Stand or Earth Abides and those are some of my favorite books. The Artemis Effect has its own personality though, complete with quirky characters that readers will want to cheer on and keep visiting.

This novel is worth more than the $2.99 Kindle price. It kept me thoroughly entertained and left me wondering what might happen next until the end. A paperback version is due to be published in the future. For more information on author Kasia James, please visit her website at:

16 thoughts on “Book Review: The Artemis Effect

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Sheila. I love when reading books to imagine the actors who would play the characters, and to see them when I’m seeing what’s in the book.

    • That is fun – sometimes it’s hard to visualize the characters in a book but I didn’t have that problem this time. They were all described really well and came to life right away, to the point where I wondered what they were doing when I wasn’t reading it, and that’s always the sign of a good book for me.

    • Great – I hope you like it! Let me know what you think. I tried not to give anything away, but sometimes it’s hard to do that while still talking about the book.

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