Snapthought: Thunderstorm

a grumbling can be felt
in the calm before the storm
a stirring of energy
a mixture of cold and warm

in a flash it is upon us
we feel it in our hearts
the booming crashing power
when everything turns dark

a crackling bruised sky
opens shatters falls
soaking earth with life
refreshing us all

29 thoughts on “Snapthought: Thunderstorm

    • Thanks Wendell – I love your poems too. We’re due for a thunderstorm and I’m looking forward to the soothing!

    • People think I’m crazy, but I love hurricanes too. But then, we haven’t gotten a New Orleans type hurricane yet.

    • Thanks Meg – I’ll keep hoping for more thunderstorms but not while you’re off traveling. That’s probably the only time when thunderstorms aren’t all that fun.

  1. I love a good storm! Your poem placed me right inside a powerful storm. Thanks for the image of life giving rain after this hot summer.

    • I’m glad you liked it – we’ll have to make sure to run out and play in the next thunderstorm just to cool off a bit.

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