30 thoughts on “Snapthought: Sand

    • Thanks Char! I’m really enjoying your book – just haven’t had enough time for reading lately but can’t wait to find out how it all turns out.

      • Glad you’re liking it. And don’t worry about reading time. Hopefully you’re having lots of summer fun!

    • Thanks! Lots of sand to contemplate around here. Just think that no matter how long it takes for our books to get published, at least it won’t be billions of years.

    • There are some nice ones in Michigan – every once in a while I’ll put a Lake Michigan picture up since it looks so much like the ocean. Your author’s photo post was really funny – thanks for the laugh!

  1. Love it! I do enjoy really examining the tiny things in life, and finding wonder in them. I recall lying face down on the lawn for a while, and there is a huge amount of life going on in even a square inch which we never usually notice – just like your observations on sand.
    Have you seen that book with the beautiful photographs of individual sand grains? They are amazing!

    • Hi Kasia! I haven’t heard of that book but it sounds great. I’ll have to look for it. That’s funny – I’ve examined the lawn like that too – just not in a long time!

  2. lovely lovely poem….and such a good question! One that causes us to think, ponder, wonder about those tiny, sparkly, soft, silky pieces of sand we so casually walk on every summer.
    Great post….and awesome images of a place I hold dear in my heart!

    • Thanks so much Judy! Lots of sand here to think about. I’m glad this place is special to you too. It’s funny that we have these places in common since I also feel that way about MI.

    • Thank you – the last photo is of Gayhead on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s pretty dramatic to see in real life if you get the chance.

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