Snapthought: Land’s End

we walked to land’s end
stood and looked
over the edge
Magellan never found
expecting to see dragons
to drive us back
to safer ground
instead we saw
and nothing
but ourselves

19 thoughts on “Snapthought: Land’s End

    • That’s funny because I was thinking it was one of my worst (it’s good to hear different opinions though – especially when they’re more positive than my own)! 🙂

  1. Wonderful poem, great rhythm. The pic goes along with the words perfectly, makes me think of summer days on Cape Cod.

    • Thank you – I’m glad it made you think of those summer days! They’re almost here again (Cape Cod has been pretty cold still for now).

  2. Your poems are so fun and thought provoking. I always want to read it a second time through because they are so beautiful.

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