Top Ten Craziest Things to Love About San Francisco

While growing up, San Francisco always seemed like some sort of a dream to me. My brother and I used to climb up into a cabinet that was on top of my bedroom closet. We hid candy in there, played games, and called it San Francisco. Every once in a while, we would look at each other and say, “Want to go to San Francisco?” and then we’d climb up into that secret place and play. I didn’t get the chance to find out what the real San Francisco was like until just a few weeks ago. Since photo opportunities are everywhere there, I thought it would be fun to share some of the crazier photos as a top ten list. 10. Signs with a sense of humor 9. Trees grow as abstract art 8. Everything is art (and art is everywhere) 7. Graffiti 6. Architecture with character 5. Chinatown 4. Sea lions that knock on houseboat doors 3. Crooked, slanted, steep streets 2. The Golden Gate Bridge and how it seems to hover everywhere And the #1 thing to love about San Francisco…the people and dogs (and dog people) you meet on the pier What do you love about San Francisco?

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    • I’m glad you got to go too – it’s such a great place filled with fun people! I really can’t even decide what I liked best, but the dog guy was one of the funnier things.

  1. Loved your photos, especially the dog people. They made me appreciate the things I recognized from many previous visits and also realize how much more we have to explore. This past visit we spent much of our time at Yosemite with our son as tour guide. My photos are at

    • Thanks Pat! I’ll take a look at your pictures. It’s a great place for exploring and walking. I hope you’ll get to go back soon to explore some more.

  2. Fabulous pictures! I’ve been waiting for this – you’ve caught the bohemian thing perfectly. Definitely time for another martini!

    • Thanks Mark! I put them up with you in mind since it’s one of your favorite places. I especially loved the graffiti and the people there with that relaxed way of being. Hope you get to go back soon for a few martinis!

  3. Wonderful post and photos, Sheila! SF is now in our backyard, so it’s something we do anytime on the weekend. I’m not familiar with all sites in the city, but am feeling more comfortable driving around. It’s elegant and has much to offer and we’ve walked the bridge many times! I’m glad you finally were able to visit so you could share these awesome photos! 🙂

    • Thanks Lauren! If I had known I was in your backyard, I would have tried to find you! It must be such a wonderful place to live. The driving was pretty scary though – especially if you don’t know where you’re going. We mostly stuck to the walking even if it was tough getting up some of those steep hills. Also biked on the bridge – that was a lot of fun. I’m already hoping to go back so next time we’ll have to meet around there somewhere.

    • I’m glad you could come along on the trip! I just couldn’t stop taking pictures and ended up with too many, but everywhere I looked there was another picture.

  4. My children and I spent a lot of time in The City By The Bay! Yet my heart belongs to France. I am glad you finally experienced San Francisco and hope you will return again and again. It is such a fabulous place.

    • France is such a beautiful place too so I can understand that. I hope the pictures brought back some fun memories of San Francisco – and thank you – I’m already hoping to go back!

  5. I was only in San Francisco for a few hours years ago. Now that I’ve seen it through your eyes, I want to go back and explore every inch. Thank you!

  6. I love the street photos you took of San Francisco. One of my favorite things to do in SF is riding on a Cable Car. It’s a bit cliche, I know, but something about it transports me in time to yesteryears. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

    • Those almost made it to the list but I didn’t get to hang off of them and so those pictures weren’t crazy enough! I’m glad this could bring some of those memories back.

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    It’s been a while since I put up a post and I am working on a few travel relatefr ones but I absolutely did not want my readers to miss this fabulous blog on San Francisco by Shiela Hurst.

  8. Wonderful photos, I have always wanted to visit San Francisco and now that I know that they have crazy dog people there too it will be moving up the list of ‘places I must see’ 🙂

  9. These pictures are amazing and so visually inspiring!! The architecture is so beautiful! And, I just love dalmatians and had one growing up – they are the sweetest dogs!!!

    • Thank you – glad you liked the pictures! They were really nice dogs, especially since they put up with the sunglasses and silly hats, but they also seemed to enjoy the chance to sit out in the sun for a while.

  10. I moved to SF 8 months ago after visiting it last March. I loved it so much that I quit my job in DC and just packed up and left. Every day is a new adventure in this city and you meet so many wonderful people and find something new to appreciate every day from the characters on Haight, random impromptu jam sessions in parks or muni stations, to the character oozing from every building. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip!!

    • That’s great that you did that! I can really understand the impulse now that I’ve been there. It’s so different from any place else and so full of energy and fun things to do. Enjoy the adventures!

  11. I just got back from San Diego , a great trip! A touch of that creativity seems to be all over the state.

    Nothing about highways? Though maybe you don’t love them the way you do the art 😉

    • hahah – the art did seem much more fun than the highways! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. I’ll have to check in to see how the zombie bunnies are doing.

  12. I went down the curvy hill in the tour bus in 1985. I still can’t believe how the bus driver did it. And the legs out the window too or maybe that was New Orleans. Thanks visit my blog.

    • That must have been crazy for a bus to attempt such a thing! Thank you for visiting too. Your site looks really interesting and I love history so I’ll be back for more.

  13. What a fabulous post, I loved it ! You made me discover this city which I don’t know much about. I would love to go there someday. Thank you for sharing these photos, I’ll have to come back tomorrow to look at them once more !

  14. What a fabulous collection of photos! Never made it to San Fran yet but would love one day to see the fog on the bay. (June gloom in San Diego was rather lovely)

  15. San Francisco is so picturesque and bohemian…. Beautiful photographs, dear Sheila… Thanks so much for sharing!. Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana 💛☀️

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