37 thoughts on “Snapthought: Clouds

  1. beautiful words and beautiful clouds.
    clouds are amazing stuff insn’t it?
    As children, my siblings and I use to gaze at the clouds for hours at end imagining different shapes … 🙂

    • Yes – that’s such a fun thing to do and I don’t do it often enough! Maybe this summer I’ll try to pay more attention. I loved your pictures of the sky and ocean too.

  2. I love the images in your poetry, and the idea of your mind being free enough to bounce around the clouds in an uninhibited way. How lovely!
    I always think, when you are flying through the clouds, that they look rather pillowy and comfortable. Always reminds me of those delicious moments when you wake up, and the bed is just the perfect temperature and you’re all relaxed.

    • Thanks Kasia! I wish we could bounce on the clouds almost as much as I wish we could meet those aliens! I loved your post on the UFO sighting and I’m still thinking about it.

  3. Wonderful poetry, Sheila. It was soft and flighty like you were in the clouds….love your words.
    I’ve always been a cloud ‘freak’….and I love yours…..very cool photos! Great post!

  4. I love, love, love clouds and the sky. I’m always scanning the sky when I’m driving, which is super dangerous, but it’s the best time to really gaze up there and see what’s going on. Beautiful poem, too. 🙂

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