Snapthought: Hidden Joy

and then one day I stumbled upon
total joy unafraid
to fail or fall or come too close
it had been there all along
hidden behind the undergrowth
I danced and played with this new joy
and relished in that rush of feeling
that comes from dreaming
the impossible dream

25 thoughts on “Snapthought: Hidden Joy

  1. What beautiful statues and what a lovely setting. Great images…I love the angles from which you took your photos. Such a variety. Good job! It was a gorgeous day too, I see!

      • Thanks Judy! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and the words. 🙂 Yes, it was a lovely day from a few springs ago. Hopefully things will start getting that green around here again soon!

  2. The season, the sculpture, and the poetry are all so appropriate. Thanks for spreading the joy.

  3. What wonderful sculptures! Where are they located? No doubt far from France but they do intrigue me. Thank you for sharing them.


  4. Yes! You can play it safe, but you miss the potential for deep, all-consuming feeling. Being unafraid to fail or fall opens so many doors.

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