27 thoughts on “Snapthought: Shadows

  1. Seeing shadows more clearly than ever.:) Your words helped me appreciate the beauty in your photos in a way I may have missed otherwise. Beautiful.

  2. Lovely! The photographs of the shadow of the tree on the brick wall I particularly love – and your poetry “forming jungle designs/ on carefully placed lines” is perfect. Nature seems to have a way of infiltrating even our hardest and most constructed world. 🙂

  3. wonderful shadows. a superb collection of photos.
    the first one is stunning with its footpath left with the evidence of so many people having walked on that strip. the other strip with only shadows is absolutely gorgeous. I like the prostrating little plant with its shadow too.
    the rest of the photos also carries so much messages 🙂

  4. Great poem and equally wonderful photos! I love that question…excellent!
    Love the dunes and the beach….I want to sink my toes in the sand! 😉

  5. Your pictures always say a lot. The two pictures with the shadow of the barren tree on the red brick wall, and the roots digging into the mortar between the bricks and the height of the wall with just a hint of blue sky…it is so full of melancholy and irony and things that could have been…
    Lovely post as always!

    • Thank you! That’s really nice of you to say. Nature is full of inspiration and soon that wall will be covered with green. It’s always nice to see things like that happen.

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