Snapthought: A Day at the Beach

we taste the ocean on our skin
salt-encrusted memories
call out as seagulls
dive through crashing waves
feel the undertow pulling
up, down, around
until we surface gasping

tidal pools appear and disappear
look into the shallow clear
to watch for life scuttling

as the air grows cooler
we stand and brush off the sand
to go home with sun-soaked days clinging

18 thoughts on “Snapthought: A Day at the Beach

    • yes – the white house one is at Harding Beach in Chatham – they were all taken in the off season or else those beaches would have a lot more people on them!

  1. Oh…I feel like I’m there… So gorgeous…your photos and words can transport one to another place. And, for me…bring back memories! Such beautiful scenes. Your words are amazing….I love your poem. It flows so nicely like waves lapping the shore….very easy to read and relate to…

  2. that’s a beautiful poem Sheila.
    You have captured the sentiment of an ocean person very well.
    that’s exactly how I feel when I head home after a day in the sun and sea 🙂

    • thank you – yes it’s usually a very sandy and salty feeling. It’s funny that we experience these same things while living half a world away but then I guess that makes sense since the ocean connects us all.

  3. wonderful post, makes me want to go to the beach, but its not a good day today weather wise here.. rain snow mix..

  4. What a beautiful place! Lucky of you to live in such a place of pure tranquility and beauty. 🙂

    • thank you – as you know from your beautiful rain pictures, it’s all in the appreciation and I’ll keep trying to appreciate it even when that beach is filled with people 🙂

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