Snapthought: Ancient Shores

once an ocean
thundered through these lands
we find wave prints
like footprints
scattered through sand
red dust ripples
abandoned by waves
carved by water
into fairytale caves
hardened and baked
these are the designs
time left behind

18 thoughts on “Snapthought: Ancient Shores

    • Thanks Karen! I just press the button and the camera does the rest. It was just a really beautiful place but I’ll show you any other tricks when we get together!

  1. Lovely! Great stuff.
    It’s always amazing when you find things like that so far inland. A few years ago we went and dug up some fossils in Northern Queensland – about 7 or 8 hours drive inland – and there were hundreds of clam shells and a shrks tooth from the ancinet ocean.

    • wow – that’s funny because I was going to say something like we find seashells hundreds of miles from the sea but then thought that wouldn’t really happen – such a crazy, amazing world we live in

  2. Gosh….I’m totally impressed! Your photos, your poetry…all amazing! I’m glad we found each other! I’m going to enjoy coming here!

    • thank you so much – I’m glad we found each other too! I don’t really know what I’m doing with the poetry part but I do like taking pictures.

      • You sure sound like a true poet to me. The one I did last night was about my 5th one, on WP. The one before WP was in second grade! lol I started typing and thought: oh no. Where is this going? How will it end? 😉

      • I haven’t really tried it since high school and that was a very long time ago! So this is experimentation for me. I think it helps not to worry about where it might go – like a stream of consciousness kind of thing. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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