Don’t give up

I took this picture yesterday. It was so cold at the time, I could barely move my fingers to click the button on the camera. It’s winter here, after all. There have been rainstorms with wind whipping through every corner. There has even been snow, though that mostly turned to glitter. Still, these flowers refuse to fall. They do look a little beaten down but they’re not giving up.

Writing so often feels like facing the wind alone. You write and you don’t know why, but still you write. You write and you wonder if it will get published or if anyone will ever read it. Still, you write. You write when there is no time to write. You doubt yourself all the time. And still, you write.

With all the writing advice out there, the best I’ve ever heard is simply this: Never give up. Do it for the love of it. Keep doing it. Keep feeling that love; the reason you started writing. If it doesn’t get published it shouldn’t matter because you did it. You sat down and wrote.

While sending out queries, I’ll try to remember these flowers. If they can survive the wind, rain, and snow and never give up, then maybe I can withstand the inevitable rejections. The failure is not in writing and getting rejected. The failure is in not writing at all.


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