Inspiration from a crazy dog

This is a crazy dog. She loves to roll in mud puddles. The stinkier, the better. Here we humans are, looking for happiness everywhere, and little do we know that extreme joy can be found in mud puddles. She shows me these things.

Every weekend, we go for a romp in the woods. For years it’s been the same woods, the same paths, but she doesn’t care. She knows there will always be something new to sniff. She gets so excited to be there, every time, that she ends up soaring through the air. At first I wondered how the same path could be so exciting. But then it’s always different. Sometimes the path is a jungle rain forest. At other times, it’s a frozen river crackling under our feet and paws. And as if that’s not enough for complete and total happiness, there are always mud puddles.

7 thoughts on “Inspiration from a crazy dog

  1. Not too surprisingly….I’m leaning towards the dog’s point of view. I think most of us would rather avoid the the “stinkier” mud puddles, although getting a little dirty while traveling down a path is probably a prerequisite to an enjoyment of the journey. As a bit of a travel whore, there is always a different “mud puddle” experience along the way to any destination—new or familiar.

    That said, some of my favorite new experiences occur on the path to see old friends…..or, as I like to think of them, the “stinkiest puddles” I know!

    Congrats on your new blog, Sheila. You are an inspiration to your fellow UMass slackers…

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  3. Thanks for subscribing and reading. I’ve enjoyed your work. Continued success. I shall likewise subscribe and follow with interest your progress as a writer.
    Hmmm, Cape Cod; been there a few times, but not in perhaps ten years.
    My wife and I always wanted to live there.

    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to traveling through your site some more. Cape Cod can be a pretty inspirational place – it’s full of character and characters. I’ll keep putting pictures up so that you can virtually visit.

  4. Love it Sheila love the photo of the dog its a nice shot show the dogs personality.. I have a small pincher I learn so much from him.. it is amazing how they show emotion….. cant wait to see more…. thanks for stopping by my page to hehehe…

    • Yes the dog has A LOT of personality so that’s pretty easy to capture! Thank you – I love your photos and the personalities that show through in them (probably harder to do that with humans I’m guessing).

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